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Volume 9 Number 1 June 2018
Blockchain for Women Next Generation for Sustainable Development Goal 5
Author_ Reshma Kamath
Pages 88-109
Abstract_ Blockchain For Women highlights the potential of Blockchain, a nascent technology, in revamping the role of Women, Children and Gender minorities through Identity, Ownership, and Access. It discusses the gender digital divide impacting SDG 5 and how Blockchain is overcoming this problem to meet the Goals. While applying Blockchain as a technology and its beneficial attributes applicable to SDG 5, the paper engages with how Blockchain is being piloted and tested by the United Nations, civil society, corporations and startups alike in various sectors impacting women. The paper bridges the gap between the theoretical potential of Blockchain to showing actualized, on-the-ground applications of Blockchain technology in meeting SDG 5 Goals.
Keywords_ Blockchain, SDG 5, United Nations, Gender Equality, Access, Time-Stamped, Immutable, Women, Trafficking, Children
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