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CALL FOR PAPERS EXTENDED TO FRIDAY SEPT 21 - Special Issue on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals

Sep. 07,

Our call for papers for our special issue on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals has been extended for 2 weeks.

Please see below for the original CFP:

Call for Papers: Asian Development Perspectives Special Issue on Governance and the Sustainable Development Goals

Following on from our first special issue on cross-cutting issues related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Asian Development Perspectives (ADP) is now inviting manuscripts to be submitted for publication consideration in our next special issue (December 2018) on Governance and the SDGS. To encourage high quality submissions, we will be providing a $1000 USD honorarium for published articles.

Submissions are welcome from researchers globally, working on topics related to governance in all parts of the world that relate to the implementation of the SDGs.

Special Issue Theme: Governance and the SDGs

Good governance is often touted as the key to unlocking the potential of development projects and strategies globally. It is linked not only to better outcomes for recipient nations but also a key pillar in developing democratic participation and public buy-in and empowerment through development goals.

SDG 16 calls for peace, justice and strong institutions, which cannot be achieved without effective governance. Moreover, as the SDGs represent a large breadth and complexity in development goals. SDG 17 calls for effective partnerships in reaching development goals, in recognizing that effective governance must include a wide range of actors including civil society, local and central governments, NGOs, multilateral institutions, and other development partners.

For this issue, we encourage submissions from researchers that may include (but is not limited to) any aspect of governance, be it at the global, local and national levels, or in institutional frameworks applied by NGOs, focusing on inclusive development and the relationship good governance has in achieving all SDGs. Some potential areas of investigation may include empowering local communities, streamlining SDGs through reimagining governance mechanisms, technological innovation that could assist in strengthening governance as well as any other cross-cutting issues that governance may have an impact on in the implementation of the SDGs.

As ADP is a multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed journal, papers that use both qualitative and quantitative or a mixed methodological approach are welcome and submissions from all social science or humanities sub-fields focused on any region in the world are encouraged. However, we do prefer submissions based on original research and data that makes a valuable contribution to the field of development studies.

To facilitate timely publication in this special issue, we ask that all manuscripts be received by Friday September 21, 2018 and that manuscripts adhere to the journal’s style guidelines found on our website. Manuscripts must be submitted through our online submission system. No emailed submissions will be accepted.

Please note that we will be continuing to accept rolling submissions on all topics related to poverty and development studies.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


ADP Editorial Team.
NEXTCALL FOR PAPERS - Special Issue on Governance and the SDGs
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